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Lemongrass Shower Steamer
Lemongrass Shower Steamer
Lemongrass Shower Steamer
Lemongrass Shower Steamer

Lemongrass Shower Steamer


Make shower time fun and fragrant with our shower steamers! The lemongrass essential oil will fizz into the air leaving you feeling fresh and uplifted.

How to use

Place your shower steamer on the shower floor, somewhere the water will reach it. The water will dissolve the steamer, slowly releasing the therapeutic oils into the shower steam. Breathe it in and relax!

This shower steamer is designed for a single use and will dissolve fully over a 4 minute period. Once dissolved you will still be able to benefit from the essential oil aromatherapy as the scent fills the air. Shower steamers are best used in an enclosed shower (shower domes are the ideal place!) If you have a large open shower space they may not work as well as intended.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Mica



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great scent. A lovely way to make my morning routine special.

Amazing smell

Could smell this shower steamer before I got it out of the box. I'm hooked, need to buy more! A relaxing scent

Amber Stobie

Smells divine, gorgeous little treat.

Debby Newton
Lemongrass Shower Steamer

Wow what a wonderful product. The intense lemongrass fragrance just made the showering experience something special. I will definitely be using this product again.......and again.

Julie Wood

Lemongrass Shower Steamer