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“These shampoo and conditioner bars are by far the best I have ever tried. My hair is so clean and soft after using them. Better than normal shampoo even!”

“Morena! I’m in love with your products! They smell soooo good and work a treat! The products I purchased were a gift and the recipient was so happy. So great to have New Zealand made treats on offer! Thanks!” =

“I discovered your wonderful shampoo and conditioner bars, soap and scrubs recently. I have tried other shampoo bar before, but I have very dry hair and it made my hair go into a big matt of knots. Your products are FANTASTIC, I can’t say enough about how happy I am with them. They leave my hair lovely and soft, and no knots at all, and smelling delicious. I will never ever use any other bars or bottled shampoos/conditioners again. I’m so glad I discovered your fantastic products, I’ve told all my friends how good they are so they will try them too, thank you.”

“Oh my goodness team… I usually have the most oily hair ever! As in have to wash it every day or it looks disgusting but since using your bars, I don’t have that problem any more!!!”