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Five things you need to know about shampoo bars

Posted by Mak Nelson on

Looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to liquid shampoo? Look no further than shampoo bars!

Shampoo bars are game-changers; they’re sustainable, perfect for travel and wallet-friendly, what more could you want? Switching to a shampoo bar that can deliver a luxurious experience has never been easier, they’ve got the bubbles and scents that you love, without the excessive plastic packaging.

The beauty industry creates approximately 120 billion units of plastic each year globally and sadly a massive chunk of this is not recyclable. With solutions like solid and waterless haircare, compostable boxes and eco-safe inks, we can now produce shampoo with a much lower environmental impact.

Image shows several redish-pink boxes that say anihana shampoo bar, grapefruit and chamomile, for dry and damaged hair.We know zero waste is a huge goal that is out of reach and not realistic or accessible for most households. A more accessible solution is supporting and purchasing from brands who care and create sustainable products – and shampoo bars are one of the easiest swaps to make for your whānau (family)! We know they are new to a lot of people, so we’ve compiled the best facts, tips and tricks for you to get started.

Here are the top five things you need to know about our shampoo bars!

Shampoo bars are not soap

Soap is made when fats or oils are mixed with an alkali (sodium hydroxide) and a reaction called saponification happens. Soaps are generally too alkaline for your hair's needs. Liquid shampoos are often made with synthetic detergents but anihana removes the need for water and plastic by using a concentrated solid surfactant, this is what’s responsible for all the wonderful bubbles!

Each shampoo bar replaces 2 – 3 bottles and lasts up to 80 washes*

Small but mighty, our shampoo bars will need replacing less often than bottled shampoo. You only need a few swipes throughout your hair to get maximum foam because our shampoo bars use the same ingredients as high-end shampoos, just minus the water and plastic bottle – they are super concentrated!

* How many washes per bar would vary depending on the length of your hair and how often you wash.

Image of a purple box and round purple shampoo bar on a salmon-pink background. This is the anihana lavender shampoo bar for fine and oily hair.

Removing harsh sulfates and silicones from your shampoo

Sulfates often get a bad rap, but not all sulfates are bad. Whilst we have promised not to use any harsh sulfates such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or SLES, we are big fans of the milder and gentler coconut-derived sodium coco sulfate. Our surfactant is sodium coco sulfate – it’s natural and more gentle, so it won’t strip hair of its good oils and is gentle enough for colour-treated hair.

Many shampoos also use silicones which coat the hair to give the illusion of silky-smooth hair which can take up valuable hair cuticle space that is better given to nutrients and oils. Anihana doesn’t use silicones, so you may notice your hair feels a little different (not in a bad way, just less soft) straight after shampooing, which is why we recommend using our conditioner bar following the shampoo bar to add nutritious vitamins and oils to your locks.

Shampoo bars are easy to use

We have seen people of all ages and genders make the switch to shampoo bars, so you can too. It’s easier than you think; simply wet the bar and your hair, run the bar from roots to tips a few times (you might need to split your hair into two sections if it’s quite thick) and

massage your hair to lather as you would a liquid shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and follow with our heavenly conditioner bars. That’s it, we told you it was easy!

Image shower a thin, black metal shelf suctioned to a shower wall. The shelf has three round solid body and haircare bars from anihana sitting in it.

How to store shampoo bars

So you’ve nailed the method, but where the heck do you store your shampoo bar? Storing correctly is the key to getting the most out of your bar. You’ve got to keep it away from the water and allow it to dry out between uses. We created a custom shower shelf that sticks to your bathroom tiles and holds three anihana bars – we suggest shampoo, conditioner, and either your daily soap or shower bar! You can also get creative and make your own holder with a pretty shell or a tray and some elastic bands to sit the bar onto like this one.


Now you’re ready to tame your locks and tackle plastic waste, all with a shampoo bar!

We love to see you having fun with anihana products. Make sure to tag us in your social media posts so we can reshare your anihana moments. Our social media handles are:

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