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How to use a shower steamer

Posted by Mak Nelson on

Want to know how to use a shower steamer to get that relaxing spa experience at home? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to shower steamers.

So, you’re thinking about using an anihana shower steamer but they’re new to you? First of all, great choice, and secondly, we can help! Our shower steamers are made to last the full length of an average shower (five minutes), the perfect amount of time to relax without the need for a bath! There are a few super important tips to remember, but once you know them, you’ll be experiencing the most enchanting showers of your life.

Four simple steps to use your shower steamer

Step One

Make sure you run your shower until it’s warm or hot, as cold water isn’t your shower steamer’s best friend. Warm water is required to enable the chemical reaction between the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to happen quickly, resulting in that fizz we all love!

Step Two

Unwrap your shower steamer and place it on your shower floor – the placement is the most important step of all! Place it in an area that gets water and remains wet throughout your shower, but not under the direct water stream from your shower head. By keeping it out of the direct water flow, your shower steamer will last much longer.

Check out our Instagram Reel below that we filmed to show you the best area to place it!


Step Three

Hop in and soak up the heavenly fragrances being released. The key to getting the most relaxing experience is not using other scented products for at least the first few minutes. This allows for the best mood-boosting experience when using our shower steamers. Once you are feeling more relaxed, go ahead and start your usual shower routine.

Step Four

If you find there is still some of your shower steamer left once you are finished with your routine, you can place it closer to the water flow and enjoy another minute of spa-like goodness. Or, you can remove it, let it dry out and use it for your next shower!

Don't forget that the plastic wrap protecting your shower steamer is certified as home-compostable! This means once you've taken your shower steamer out of the little plastic bag and enjoyed your relaxing me-time, you can put the plastic in your compost bin at home or your community garden. It will then biodegrade along with food scraps and garden waste.

That’s all you need to know to get the very best experience with an anihana shower steamer. It’s an easy way to relax, and transport yourself to somewhere magical - and perfect for a 10-minute escape from the rest of life.

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